Imagine this: you have found your dream home, your offer was accepted, and now, it is time for the inspection. After the inspection, you discover that your roof needs some repairs. Whether it be minor leaks, shingle repairs, or other major problems, you could possibly need a whole new roof. It feels overwhelming to have such a significant repair right at the start of buying a home, so what do you do?

Roof replacements can be expensive but are necessary for the overall care of your home. You want a well-maintained roof to be a priority in your new home! If changes need to occur, it may be crucial to take care of them before buying the home. Why? For starters, you will save money and not have to front the entire cost after closing. If you wait, it all falls on you. Second, if you were not buying the home, the owners would need to fix the roof anyway, so fixing the roof would not fall on you.

Remember, negotiation is possible, so do not be afraid to try. Chances are that the seller will not want to start over in the selling process since the roof will likely be an issue with a new buyer and will want to agree with you.

If you find yourself in this position, do not fret. It is possible to negotiate a new roof when buying a new home, and worth it! Don’t miss out on a home you love because it needs a new roof. Yes, a roof replacement is expensive, but even more reason to negotiate before closing instead of dealing with it yourself later. Here are a few steps you can take to make the process smoother.

1. Present your case. Your goal is to convince the owners of the home why they should assist in helping replace the roof, so you need to show them the facts. Your case will be supported by the home or roof inspection you had done, which will identify any problems with the roof.

2. Get a quote. Find a reliable company and get a quote (or two). Knowing how much money will need to go into the roof will help you determine an option that best suits you and the seller’s needs.

3. Look at the warranty. Since a roof replacement typically comes with a warranty, it is critical to know what is covered and for who. Depending on how you and the seller decide to pay for the roof replacement, the warranty may end up belonging to the seller instead of you. If this is the case, you may want to accept a reduction in the cost of the house and handle the roof replacement yourself.

4. Utilize your real estate agent. Your agent will be an asset to you during negotiations, ensuring that all the documents and paperwork are clear, defined, and legal for your protection and the seller’s. They will be there to guide you through the process, have tough conversations, and explain how to best move forward.

Your roof is not just an aesthetic item, but something the home needs to be functional. When buying a used home that needs roof repairs or replacement, it is essential to take the time necessary to negotiate what is needed to best set your home, and family, up for success in this new and exciting venture! For all your roofing repair needs, contact Alliance Roofing today at 281-485-8755 or visit our website for an inspection as soon as possible.