What’s the Perfect Color of Siding For My Home?

What’s the Perfect Color of Siding For My Home?

When you trust Alliance Roofing Company to install the siding of your home, you’re guaranteed to get the best quality of siding. James Hardie cement fiber siding withstands the harshest storms and hottest summers. It is non-combustible, rot-resistant, and cannot be damaged by termites. We’ve answered the “what kind of siding should I put on my home” question by using a brand of siding that we trust. Now, all you have to decide is what color you’d like to paint it. This can feel like a daunting decision, so here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect color siding for your home.

Tip #1: Check Out Your Neighborhood: While you don’t have to look exactly like every home on your block, you don’t want your house to stand out like a sore thumb. If the color of most homes in your neighborhood is classic, find something conservative that suits your style. If your neighborhood is filled with eclectic colored houses, you have more freedom to choose a bold color.

Tip #2: Consider the Architecture: The structure of your home can point you in a clear direction for color. Colonial homes are often a single, classic color with a few accents. A farmhouse style typically uses white or dark blue siding, while a cottage style offers a wide variety of color options. Allowing the architecture of your home to be your guide in color choice ensures your house has a cohesive look.

Tip #3: Look at Your Roof: You may consider a lighter siding color if you currently have dark roofing material. However, if your roof is lighter in color or has a more neutral hue, you have more choices in siding color.

Tip 4: Consider Complementary Colors: The color you choose for the siding of your home needs to complement the color of your trim, windows, doors, and railings. Do you have any brick, stone, or stucco on other parts of the house? The primary color for your siding may be influenced by the color you choose (or already have) for other parts of your exterior.

Tip #5: Test Some Samples: Siding colors look different in afternoon sunlight versus early morning fog. When you narrow it down to a few paint colors, apply swatches on different sides of your home and compare them during various points of the day. This may help you discover a color that’s consistent all day long.

James Hardie siding is durable and reliable in structure and reduces the need for repainting. They offer a variety of colors and styles so that you can have a home you’re proud of. If it’s time to replace your siding or update the look of your house, contact Alliance Roofing Company today for a free estimate.