Texas is known for its extreme weather conditions, making the selection of a suitable roofing material a critical aspect of building a home in the state. The roofing material you choose will not only impact the look of your home, but also play a role in protecting your home from the elements. Here are some of the best roofing materials for your home:

1. Shingle roofs: Asphalt shingle roofs are among the most common. While they are not the longest lasting, they will be your most affordable option. If you choose a shingle roof, you can expect it to last around 20 years before needing a replacement.

2. Clay or concrete tile: Because it undergoes baking, clay has an inherent rigidity and strength and is known to last against years of harsh sun exposure. Clay tiles won’t corrode over time. Clay and tile weight has the advantage of resisting wind speeds of up to 100 miles and above.

3. Metal roofs: While these might not be the most attractive choice, they are the safest and most secure option. Whether aluminum or copper, all metal options are extremely durable. A metal roof can withstand up to 160 mph winds, which would make it the most wind-resistant roof. A metal roof would fall in between a shingle and clay roof as far as cost goes, but they will last longer and are more durable than any other type of roofing.

4. Stone-coated metal roof: Within the metal category, this roof provides the durability of a metal roof with the aesthetic appeal of traditional roofing. If you are looking for a roof that can withstand almost anything and has a lifespan of up to 50 years, this is the option for you!

When choosing a roofing material for your Texas home, it is important to consider factors such as durability, energy efficiency, and resistance to the elements. You want to rest assured knowing that your home, the contents, and most importantly your family are safe with a quality roof that is built to withstand the weather where you live. Most importantly, you want to work with an expert who can help compare the advantages and disadvantages of a roof in your area. Contact Alliance Roofing today at 281-485-8755 to point you toward the best option for a roof in your area and budget.