Christmas is (finally) around the corner! There’s nothing like shimmering lights tracing your home to bring a smile to your face. But hanging Christmas lights can be such a hassle, that many people have opted to skip this festive tradition. Add extra cheer this year by hiring a professional to hang your Christmas lights. Save yourself the headache of untangling cords, checking bulbs, and protect your spouse from a day of worrying about you falling off the roof. Still on the fence about whether hiring a professional is the right choice? Maybe we can help!

1. Safety First 

If Clark Griswald taught us anything, it’s that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. This is not the time to prove your strength, your stamina, or that you remember where you stored the ladder! In all seriousness, it’s dangerous to move around on your roof when you’re not accustomed to doing so. Your family loves you more than they love your ability to hang Christmas lights. So, be extra cautious, and take your safety seriously by hiring a professional company to hang up your Christmas lights

2. Custom Design

A professional company can offer you a custom design that takes into account your landscaping, architecture, and existing electrical infrastructure. They will discuss your ideas, style and personality to craft a lighting display you (and your neighbors) will love. There will be no second—or third—trips to the store for more lights. Instead, the lighting company will provide exactly what your home needs to meet your Christmas light expectations.

3. Quick and Efficient 

Because lighting professionals hang Christmas lights for multiple homes every year, they can work quickly and safely. Their methods and training allow them to bring holiday cheer to your home before you can track down an extension cord.

4. Professional Takedown

What’s worse than hanging Christmas lights? Taking them down. By the time the New Year rolls in, the last thing you’ll want to do is take down the lights and find a place to store them. So, don’t! Let a professional lighting company come back at the end of the holiday season and take down your lights for you. Many companies even store your lights in a climate-controlled facility until you need them next year.

5. Roof Protection 

One misstep could cause damage to your roof that costs much more than the cost of hanging lights. Professionals know how to safely move about a roof without putting themselves or your roof at risk. When you choose to keep yourself safe, you’ll also protect your roof from unwanted damage.

If you have questions about your roof or concerns about weathering or roof damage, contact Alliance Roofing Company today. Head into this holiday season with confidence that your roof is in great shape.