Here comes the fresh air, sunshine, beautiful gardens, and glorious spring-time weather! Spring is upon us and with it comes all the fun outdoor activities and fun in the sun. As we emerge outside once again after hunkering down for the winter, you may notice the beating your house and lawn have taken during the colder months. Try this simple list of spring cleaning projects to get your home back to looking its best in the new season!

1. Clean debris from your gutters

With rain showers ahead, you want to ensure that your gutters are cleared of any debris and ready to drain properly. Did you know that a backed-up gutter can actually cause damage to your house? Winter storms knock leaves, branches, and debris into your gutters. Grab some gloves, a ladder, a friend who can spot you, and get to work. Put on your work gloves and clear out as much as you can, then wash the rest away with a hose. When finished, double check to make sure all of your gutter spouts are pointed away from your foundation.

2. Check roof, siding, and foundation for signs of wear and tear

It isn’t only about curb appeal when transitioning into springtime. You want to take time to assess the structure of your roof, siding, and foundation for any necessary repairs. If you notice water stains, this could be a sign of a bigger issue. To avoid water leaking into your house, you will want to identify the problem quickly and have it repaired.

3. Refresh your front porch

After the winter months, you might find dirt, leaves, and extra debris hanging out on your porch. Not only will this track into your home to make a mess, but it takes away from the fresh feel of spring as you walk up to your home. Brush your porch with a broom, then spray any remains with a hose. Use this time to add a few fresh pots of flowers, a wreath to the front door, and even a new doormat!

4. Check your windows

When it comes to your windows, a good washing will go a long way! As well as cleaning your windows, you will want to check for any leaks or gaps in the framework.

5. Add a fresh coat of paint to your door and siding

The curb appeal of your home can easily take a beating from the long winter months. Take a look at your front door and the siding of your home. Are there any dings or scrapes that need to be touched up? Is there any extra wear and tear from the cold that could use a fresh coat of paint? A vibrant pop of paint can go a long way, so consider giving your home the extra touch it needs to look its best!

6. Plant flowers and check your irrigation system

Nothing welcomes springtime like freshly bloomed flowers! Before planting any new flowers, clean out all the dead leaves and branches from your beds. Then, take some scissors to remove dead branches and pull up any shrubs that didn’t make it; now it is time to put some new pots out, and give your flower beds a makeover! Fresh flower beds are a sure way to elevate the look of your home.

If cold weather could still be in the forecast make sure to pick plants that are durable, such as pansies, that will hold up if temperatures unexpectedly drop. And finally, while you are at it, check to make sure your irrigation system is ready to go. Things to look for are leaky outdoor faucets, cracked hoses, and then make sure all sprinklers are functioning effectively.

Taking the time to care for your home and prepare for the coming season is worth the investment! If you have questions about how you can prepare your home for spring, or if your house experienced damage from the winter months, contact Alliance Roofing Company.