Purchasing a new roof is a major decision and a big investment. Making good choices when replacing your roof will not only add curb appeal and value to your home, but will also provide your family protection and peace of mind for years to come. In the Gulf Coast area, a high-quality roof should last 15-25 years barring any major storm events such as hurricanes or hailstorms. We are often asked about roof warranty options, and this is an area of confusion when selecting a new roof. Here’s a brief primer on the main types of warranties and maintenance programs, and what you need to know about them.

Roofing Workmanship Warranty

This warranty is provided by your chosen contractor and covers labor and application of your roof.  This is separate from and in addition to the materials warranty (detailed below) provided by the shingle manufacturer. It is a guarantee that sound construction practices were used and is the opportunity for a roofing contractor to stand behind their work. Workmanship warranties typically range from two to ten years, with larger companies offering longer warranties. When selecting a contractor, it’s important to consider how long they’ve been in business and the likelihood they will be there for you in the next ten years if or when you need a repair. Alliance Roofing Company offers a ten-year workmanship warranty on all our residential roof installations.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Roofing shingles you select are covered by manufacturers’ warranties. Most manufacturers offer a basic warranty on their products. This warranty covers the shingles themselves, ensuring they are produced to quality standards and will perform as expected. GAF, one of the largest composition roof shingle makers, offers a Limited Warranty on all its products. As a GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor, Alliance Roofing Company is also able to offer additional warranties. There is a cost for extended warranty coverage but like any other warranty, it will more than pay for itself in the event of an incident.

Roof Maintenance Programs

GAF and other manufacturers recommend annual roof maintenance be performed by the contractor you selected to replace your roof. We recommend that you not attempt to do this maintenance yourself due to the danger involved and the expertise required to properly diagnose and rectify issues.  But why is it necessary to spend money on a program like this if you have a warranty?  Because there are many issues unrelated to material performance or contractor workmanship that can cause problems with your roof. For instance, tree limbs may be resting on your roof causing damage, gutters may be backed up full of debris potentially rotting out the roof soffit and fascia, caulking at the vent stacks may have worn out over time and needs to be reapplied, and small animals may be gnawing away your roof jacks exposing pipes. Also, if you’ve recently installed a new water heater or furnace requiring a vent stack, it may not have been sealed correctly. Any of these issues could lead to expensive repairs if not addressed proactively.
Alliance Roofing Company offers preventative maintenance which includes resealing any exposed nail heads, repainting penetrations (i.e. roof jacks and vents), caulk and resealing of vent stacks, gutter and valley cleaning, and an overall roof inspection. It is far better to discover a potential issue in this inspection than to be surprised by a leak causing great damage to your home later.
We would be glad to answer any of your questions on these various programs and we offer free roof repair and replacement estimates. Contact Alliance Roofing Company today.