You’re ready to make a big investment in your roof whether you’re replacing or repairing your roof. After receiving several quotes on the cost of the project, it’s time to sit down with your potential roofing contractor to ask some critical questions. While price will be a key factor in your decision of which company to hire, how your contractor answers the following questions may matter more. You want to guarantee you’re hiring a qualified contractor with experience and integrity. We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask a contractor, and answers that will give you a green light to move forward. Using this list, you’ll be able to confidently hire a roofing contractor.

1. Are you insured?

Contractors should be insured with general liability. They should also have a company vehicle insurance policy on all vehicles owned and unowned. You can ask to see physical copies of each. Your peace of mind during the length of the project is priceless.

2. Are you a local business?

Make sure your roofing contractor can provide a local address for their company and a local phone number. A local business knows your area’s installation codes, the required paperwork, and other details that guarantee your roof is installed in compliance with your state’s requirements.

Be aware of out-of-state contractors that will appear after a major storm. They may be able to beat the prices quoted from local companies, but their only aim is to get your money and move on. They may not know (or care) about local codes and will be unreachable if you have any roof issues down the road.

3. How long have you been in business?

A young business doesn’t always mean inexperienced or unqualified. However, it cannot give you confidence that in five years you’ll be able to rely on them to continue caring for your roof investment. A new business will often have cheaper prices. But in many cases, their incorrect pricing doesn’t ensure they have retained earnings to get them through the slow, winter months. In this instance, a company is forced to shut down.

Look for a well-established company with a history of quality roof repairs and inspections in your city.

4. What is your workmanship warranty?

You will have a warranty on your roofing materials and on your contractor’s workmanship. These warranties work together to protect your roof investment. A workmanship warranty could be anywhere from one year to 10 years. For example, a company that relies on caulk will typically offer a two-year workmanship warranty because caulk will fail within a couple of years. A company that cares about installing a quality roof will provide you with a long-term warranty.

5. Who do I call if I have a problem?

Make sure that if you have an issue with your roof or the way your contractor handles the project, your call will not get shuffled from person to person in the office who has zero authority. Hire a company that will allow you to speak with the owner or president–someone who will prioritize your concern and promptly take care of the problem.

6. Are you certified by shingle manufacturers?

This type of certification tells you that the shingle manufacturer trusts that particular contractor and they work for a reputable company. The certification allows the contractor to offer you the best warranties on the materials. It also gives you an assurance that the job will be done correctly. A manufacturer will only certify contractors with whom they want to associate their brand. If the manufacturing company is certain the contractor will install their products correctly, so can you.

7. Can I have a list of references?

A respected contractor will be happy to answer this question and provide you a list of their clients. Ask for references from jobs completed in the last 3 to 6 months. You can verify that the contractor has given you honest answers to these questions and hear feedback on their work. We do not recommend hiring anyone who refuses to give you a list of references.

8. How do you protect my property?

Ask what steps the contractor will take to protect your lawn, landscaping, light fixtures, and other property. Read the fine print in the contract that may designate you responsible for any damage. Protecting your property is a critical part of a roof replacement or repair.

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