6 Benefits of New Windows

6 Benefits of New Windows

February 19, 2021
Are new windows worth the investment? Absolutely. New windows do more for your home than almost any other update or replacement. They immediately update the look of your home, improve your home’s energy efficiency, and increase the value of your house—just to name a few. If you’re still on the fence, consider these 6 benefits new windows bring.

1. Increase Home Value

Homeowners see a return of over 73% on new vinyl windows when it comes to resale, according to the Remodeling 2020 Cost vs. Value Report. Potential buyers may pass on your home when they learn that the windows will need to be replaced soon. Rather than waiting until it’s time to sell, enjoy reaping the rewards of investment while you’re still living in your home—and then again at closing.

2. Improve Home Security 

New window features provide enhanced window security that helps you feel at ease in your home. With increased functionality from the inside, windows can easily be open if your family needs to escape a house fire. Old windows that get easily stuck, or are painted shut can be hazardous during an emergency.

3. Boost Comfort Level

Old single-pane windows often create drafts and hot spots inside your home. The argon gas found between the panes in dual- or triple-pane windows will stop heat transfer and lower the number of UV rays that enter your home. Updated windows that are properly installed will help keep your home more comfortable.

4. Improve Energy Efficiency

With a house filled with climate-controlled air, you’ll give your furnace and AC a well-deserved break and improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. Our high-quality windows allow you to save up to 30% on energy costs. Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter without running your HV/AC constantly.

5. Reduce Noise

Reduce outside noise with insulating frames or triple-pane glass windows. You can enjoy the natural light without the disruption of traffic, barking dogs, or lawnmowers. Say hello to a quiet home-office or uninterrupted naps when you install new windows.

6. Enhance Curb Appeal

New windows immediately update your home, providing a beautiful clean look, both inside and outside. We offer a wide range of styles that don’t require painting or staining. Choose between white, tan, or beige windows that will enhance the interior of your home and improve your curb appeal.

Prepare for a comfortable and beautiful Texas spring with new, energy-efficient windows. For more information about our durable, long-lasting windows, contact Alliance Roofing Company today.