You are making your list and checking it twice. It is time to get all the plans in place, gift wrapping, putting up the tree – but what about your Christmas lights? You can’t go without the sparkle and glow that the outside decor adds to the magic of the season. Not only do you want to add some Christmas cheer to the outside of your home this holiday season, but you want to make sure you are doing it correctly. Below you can find 5 ways to make sure you are adding decorations in a way that doesn’t damage your roof.

1. Prep first

To successfully hang your Christmas lights there are a few questions you should ask before getting started. Prepping the area and your supplies will keep you safe and make your effort more efficient! Do you have enough lights? Do they all work properly? Are they outdoor lights? Do you have all the equipment and help you need to make sure the process is as safe as possible?

2. Determine the location

You want to make sure you are hanging your lights on an area that won’t damage your roof. The best option for this is to hang from an eave area or an overhang with soffits, fascia, or trim. When installing lights using light clips, be sure to avoid attaching the clips to anything above the fascia. Nails, holes, or clips above this trim will damage roof shingles and could potentially cause leaks later in the season.

3. Avoid walking on the roof

If possible, use your ladder and slowly work your way back and forth from each side of your house. Staying on the ladder will help the job proceed safely, effectively, and will avoid any damage to your shingles (and less risk of you getting hurt!)

4. Avoid excess accessories on your roof

Your best bet for installing Christmas lights correctly is to use light clips around the trim of your roof. Large ornaments, inflatables, excess lights, and unnecessary decorations could potentially damage your roof. To install these, you not only need to carry larger objects while walking on the roof, but you would need to attach bracelets or nails in areas of your roofing system other than the fascia.

5. Hire help if needed

If you are unsure about proper installation and roof safety, the best thing you could do is hire help. Whether a professional or a friend can assist, it’s best to keep yourself safe and protect your roof during the holiday season.

Whatever you decide – be safe, protect your roof, and have a wonderful holiday season!

If you have questions about your roof or concerns about roof damage, contact Alliance Roofing Company today. There is no better way to head into this holiday season than with confidence that your roof is in great shape.