Your home windows are not something you should find yourself having to replace often, but when the time is right, it is critical to ensure you are ready. While a large crack may seem like an overt reason to replace a window, not every sign of distress is so clear. When your windows are not functioning correctly, it can cause your heating and cooling systems to work overtime. You want to know what to look for and be ready to replace your windows when necessary to help prevent any further issues from occurring within your home. Below are 5 signs to help you determine if you need new windows:

1. Increase in heating or cooling costs. Do you spend more money to keep your home at a comfortable temperature? Likely caused by a decrease in the efficiency of your windows, this is especially common in older homes with single-pane windows. Chances are that if you have a home with single-pane windows, a large chunk of your heating and cooling money is going to waste.

2. Broken seals. If you feel a draft when walking next to your window, that serves as a good indication that your window’s seal might be broken. A broken seal compromises the thermal stability of your home. What does this mean? Simply put, if outside air is coming into your home, then your HVAC system might be working in overdrive, causing higher energy bills.

3. Excessive Condensation. You might notice “sweat” on your windows from time to time, especially during the colder months. Not all condensation is bad. However, excessive condensation inside could mean you need more efficient windows. Or, if there is often condensation in between your windowpanes, that means something is off. If your windows have a failing seal, moisture will find its way between the glass panes.

4. Severe Storms. Depending on where you live, you might have had experience with storm damage. A hurricane, high winds, or tornadoes won’t automatically mean a replacement is in store, but it is worth habitually checking your windows after each occurrence to protect the rest of your home.

5. Faulty operation or noticeable damage. Age and extreme weather can be hard on your windows. It may come to a point where they have endured so much that a simple repair won’t cut it. If your windows have cracks, broken glass, mold, decay, or any other noticeable damage or usage issues it is time to replace them, not only for functionality but to enhance the curb appeal and decor of your home.

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